Morocco launches first Amazigh TV channel

 Almost 2 years ago An Amazigh-language TV channel first proposed three years ago finally hit Moroccan airwaves on January 6th, satisfying a long-awaited demand by a significant percentage of the country’s citizens.

During the first phase of broadcast operations, set to run until March, programmes in Amazigh dialects Tachelhit, Tarifit and Tamazight will air for six hours each day during the week and ten hours on the week-ends.

The Tamazight channel features “discussions of politics, economics, sport and religion, alongside evening entertainment programmes aimed at children and young people,” station manager Mohamed Mamad said last Wednesday at a Rabat press conference held to announce the long-awaited launch.Tamazight will strengthen our national identity, and will allow many Moroccans living in remote regions to feel that they’re part of a rich and diverse Morocco,” said bank clerk Hassan Agourram.

Still this TV8 amazigh is not what we expect as imazighn, we do nt see tamazight movies there are very good short movies or long movies made y imazighn. All what we see is some old series translated in tamazight.We hope 2012 brings more for  programs and movies and documents on  tamazight language


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