Modern Berber Personalities

Modern Berber Personalities:                   

  • Solaiman al-Barouni: Berber from Yefren, Nafousa Mountain, Libya: creator of the first republic in the Arab World: the Tripoli Republic.
  • Jean Amrouche, (1906–1962)  writer and Taos Amrouche’s brother.
  • Taos Amrouche: powerful Algerian writer and singer (1913-1976).
  • Said Sifaw al-Mah’rouq: Libyan Berber scholar, poet, writer, activist, and linguist, from Jado, Nafousa Mountain.
  • Mohammed  Bessaoud: Algerian spiritual  father of Berberism.
  • Hocine Aït Ahmed: Algerian revolutionary  fighter and secularist politician.
  • Saïd Sadi: Algerian politician.
  • Ali Yahya Mua’amar:  Libyan  Abadi Scholar.
  • Mouloud Feraoun: Algerian writer  assassinated by the OAS.
  • Mouloud Mammeri: Algerian writer,  anthropologist and linguist.
  • Salem Chaker: Algerian Berberist,  writer, linguist, cultural and political activist.
  • Sidi Said: leader of the  Algerian syndicat of workers: UGTA.
  • Khalida Toumi: Algerian  feminist and secularist.
  • Ahmed Ouyahia: Prime  Minister of Algeria.
  • Belaïd Abrika: one of the  spokesmen of the Arouch.
  • Nordine Ait Hamouda:  secularist politician and son of Colonel Amirouche.
  • Driss Jettou: Prime  Minister of Morocco.
  • Lalla Fatma n Soumer:  female worrior (Amazon)  who led western Kabylie in battle against French troops.
  • Kateb Yacine: writer  founder of the berberiste mouvement.
  • Mohamed Chafik:  Moroccan  writer; IRCAM.
  • Tahar Djaout:  writer and  journalist assassinated by the GIA in 1993.
  • Si Mohand: Kabyle poet.
  • Fidel Castro (Cuba: his  mother was a Berber  from the Canary Islands).
  • Morocco’s King Mohammed VI  (the monarchy’s  mother was a Berber).
  • Zinedine Zidane: Kabyle Berber Nesmenser; Zuwarah, Libya.
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