Ebola and African Cup of Nations

Morocco asked to postpone the African Cup of Nations till June 2015 instead of January 2015 because Ebola Epidimc.Morocco has the right to asked such thing as the I ternational Health organization launch the red light that big gatherings of supporters in Africa might cause more Ebola spreading between people as there is no cure invented yet for this disease..The African confederation of Soccer refused the Moroccan decusion.This is ridiculous..This federation does not care about African Health..It only cares about the profits that they can gain from commercials and advertisements.

This the best decision Morocco made to protect it s citizens as well as the supporters from Africa and from the World. .. Morocco fears that if the organization of African Cup Is Help In The Kingdom and ( God forgive) one case of Ebola detected  , will deeply affect Moroccan Tourism as one of the main economic resources  in the country.To he’ll with African Cup of Nations if this would bring a disaster in Moroccan citizans   health and the Kingdom s Economy.imazighn1.jpgtimthumb


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